Creative Center Ruse presented CODE project opportunities to students from Christo Botev high school in Ruse

On 27 June the team of Creative Center Ruse held a stakeholder workshop with the participation of more than 90 students from Christo Botev high school in Ruse.

The aim of the meeting was to present to the students at the age of 15-19 years the opportunities for acquiring specific digital competences under CODE project innovative trainings. The expert teachers presented the training program on the basics of game design and the final training that will be held soon under the Project. The participants in the meeting discussed the different positions in the game industry and the key skills needed to work in the field of creative industries.

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The Greek trainees learn more about the fundamentals of graphic design!

On the 8th and 15th of June 2022 the Greek participants in the CODE motivational training course were taught the different elements of motion in a “static” drawing according to the different creative needs and occasions. Therefore, they learned the techniques of visualizing movement in a form. Moreover, during the course of the seminar participants learned the basic of "line", "shape" and "touch". The natural world has no lines, but our brain can capture and simplify the color change of various volumes as strokes that form autonomous objects. By joining a few lines we can create shapes. The figure is an incarcerated space and some shapes are formed by straight lines and are geometric and others by free curves or in a variety of combinations. A shape does not need to have a border. Often a chromatic or tonal volume erases a recognizable shape for the observer. Trainees were also taught the basics of “touch” as an important parameter of reality because this is how we perceive what kind of material an object consists of, i.e. if it is coarse, glossy, wet, dry, soft, hard, etc.

All the above contribute significantly to the understanding of designing a graphic or three-dimensional project!

Meeting with partners

CODE project is coming to an end. Next week, Tartu Art School’s 4th group of students will graduate. To put an end to the project, our director and communications manager decided to visit other project partners. Of course, it was impossible to visit them all, but we decided on visiting Bulgaria and Romania.

In Bulgaria we stayed in Ruse and visited our partners at Creative Center Ruse. In Romania we stayed at Iași and visited our partners at Salvați Copiii. We all agreed, that CODE projects’ results were impressive and we are happy to have had a chance to change many young people’s lives. Thank you to our partners for your hospitality and showing us around you beautiful hometowns! It was inspiring to exchange experiences and to talk about future possibilities.

CODE group for Ukranian refugees

Tartu Art School created a so-called satellite group CODE-UA, ie a group of young people from Ukraine who would like to acquire education in design field in Estonia. The CODE-UA group started with six young people. In addition, about a month earlier, one young Ukrainian already started studying with our original CODE group. Their training lasts for 6 weeks, from May 12 to June 17.

CODE-UA classes take place three days a week. There are art classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and an Estonian-English language café on Wednesdays. Monday and Friday are filled with independent activities if necessary.

Teacher Julia became their language support and mentor. CODE-UA classes are held in Russian-Ukrainian-English-Estonian as required. We also communicate with the staff of the Ukrainian Education Support Center, who, among other things, provide psychological assistance.

The CODE introductory training course in Greece has started

On the 1st of June 2022 APOPSI Information Technology, Consulting and Training Services S.A. has started the implementation of the project’s introductory course on graphic design and 3D animation in Greece. The course has a duration of 20 training hours and will be implemented online using APOPSI’s dedicated e-learning platform. The Greek young people will be taught the basic principles of graphic design, the way they affect the creator’s design and way of thinking and how they interact with the design and movement of a 3D object. The course is expected to motivate the participants to deepen their engagement with the fields of graphic design and 3D animation for developing even further their skills and use them professionally. The 1st training session’s content highligted the historical background and the historical elements of graphic design, which date back many certuries ago before the use of New Technologies. 

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