CODE Project online event "Horizon for the creative - find your supporters

On July, 30th 2020 Human Resources Development Agency – Ruse jointly with FPC Ltd held an open online event "Horizon for the creative - find your supporters" through the google meet platform.

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Human Resources Development Agency - Ruse invites all creative people who are engaged or want to deal with gaming development - from character development to the creation of software, drawing, design, and everything that is within the scope of creativity and the creative industries, to take part in an open online event "Horizon for the creative - find your supporters", which will be held on July 30, 2020.

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European Commission launches a public consultation on a new Digital Education Action Plan

On June, 18th the Commission is launching an EU-wide open public consultation to ensure that its forthcoming new Digital Education Action Plan will reflect the EU's education and training experience during the Coronavirus crisis. The pandemic saw the widespread closure of schools and universities with a switch to distance and online learning and the use of digital technologies on a massive and unprecedented scale. The consultation will help draw lessons from the experiences and inform the proposals of the Action Plan, which will be of key importance in the COVID-19 recovery period.

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Project CODE online meeting

Today, July, 8th project CODE partners held an Online meeting using Skype. It was dedicated to discussions about project progress and the implementation of the scheduled WP activities. The Partners shared their best practices, teaching methods and alternative channels used for the CODE courses training. They discussed a possible modification of the co-financing requirement for organisations with NGO status.

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Commission launches Youth Employment Support: a bridge to jobs for the next generation

On 1 July 2020, the European Commission took action to give young people all possible opportunities to develop their full potential to shape the future of the EU, and thrive in the green and digital transitions. The coronavirus pandemic has emphasised the often difficult start many young people face in the labour market. We need to act fast. Now is the time to direct our attention towards the next generation.

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