European Vocational Skills Week 2019

As part of European Vocational Skills Week 2019, organisations from around the EU are hosting events and activities emphasising the benefits of vocational education and training.

On October, 17 th, 2019 Human Resources Development Agency took part in a forum- exposition “Vocational skills, internships and continuing education”, which was held in "Angel Kanchev" Rousse University. It was organized by Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Angel Kanchev ”Rousse University” and it was with the participation of local businesses, vocational high schools, continuing vocational training centers, citizens and other stakeholders.

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Stencil workshop - Tartu Art School - 17 Oct ‘19

On 17 October Skills Night (Oskuste ÖÖ) took place which happened in connection with the European Vocational Skills Week. During the Skills Night, different vocational schools all over Estonia invited people to take part of lectures and workshops of all kind. Tartu Art School participated in that event as well with stencil workshop.

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Europe Code Week

Every year the European Commission initiates Europe Code Week (, an initiative that aims to contribute to the transformation of destinies, bringing to life digital skills and innovation for citizens across Europe and beyond.

On October 10, within the day center “We grow together” of the Save the Children Association, Iasi, part of the team from the project "CODE - Competence Opportunities for Digital Employment" carried out the activity "CODE - Future for children and young people" The purpose of this activity was to introduce children in a fantastic journey in the world of technology and programming as well as the development of digital skills and competences.
Project “CODE – Competence Opportunities for Digital Employment” is implemented under EEA and Norway grants Fund for Youth employment, together with 7 partners from Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Estonia.

Commission experts support the development of 13 Bulgarian research and innovation centres

Commission experts from the Joint Research Centre will provide support and guidance to 13 Bulgarian research and innovation centres to help them bring their innovative ideas to the market, facilitate the transfer and dissemination of knowledge and strengthen both their ties with businesses and their participation in European and international cooperation projects.

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SECOND ISSUE YOUTH EMPLOYMENT MAGAZINE: A Decalogue on Youth Employment in Europe Declined in 26 Projects

Youth Employment is arguably one of the main societal challenges in Europe, the “zero zone” of the future of our model of society and economic development. As such, it is a multifaceted challenge, requiring multidimensional strategies to cope with it. The 26 projects funded under the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment, all described in Issue 1 of our Youth Employment Magazine, duly reflect this multidimensionality.

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