The Greek trainees learn more about the fundamentals of graphic design!

On the 8th and 15th of June 2022 the Greek participants in the CODE motivational training course were taught the different elements of motion in a “static” drawing according to the different creative needs and occasions. Therefore, they learned the techniques of visualizing movement in a form. Moreover, during the course of the seminar participants learned the basic of "line", "shape" and "touch". The natural world has no lines, but our brain can capture and simplify the color change of various volumes as strokes that form autonomous objects. By joining a few lines we can create shapes. The figure is an incarcerated space and some shapes are formed by straight lines and are geometric and others by free curves or in a variety of combinations. A shape does not need to have a border. Often a chromatic or tonal volume erases a recognizable shape for the observer. Trainees were also taught the basics of “touch” as an important parameter of reality because this is how we perceive what kind of material an object consists of, i.e. if it is coarse, glossy, wet, dry, soft, hard, etc.

All the above contribute significantly to the understanding of designing a graphic or three-dimensional project!

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