The first 3D Max and Maya course have finished

We are happy to inform you that the first training course in the 3D MAX and MAYA programs, organized by the Human Resources Development Agency was successfully completed.

During the training sessions, the students managed to make their own 3D figures of a robot, and at the end the best ones presented their fast animations which was their final exam.

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The Greek trainees in the CODE Graphic Design training program work on their final projects!

The final project that the Greek trainees will present at the end of the CODE Graphic Design training program is focused on the Greek liberation war Bicentennial. 

This is the subject that the participants progressively work on throughout the program under the continuous supervision and support of APOPSI S.A. trainers. 

After related research, the students will formulate an identity for the source of the message (concept design) and shall create various graphic design applications (e.g. poster - brochure - website). Different and interim drafts of the project shall be created using the Adobe Suite.

Learning 3D scanning outdoors #TartuArtSchool

As the weather is getting better, Tartu Art School’s CODE students were able to meet outdoors… and do some fun learning!

Students got the chance to scan different physical objects by the river Emajõgi to make them into virtual 3D objects. Of course, a little campfire and a picninc were also a part of our day.

Greek trainnes in 3D animation courses continue to improve their skills!

As CODE-3D Animation courses continue in Greece (organized by APOPSI S.A.), students present their sketches of their final project and they receive feedback from their trainer about composition and meshes. 

Moreover, Blender software tips are always important and thus provided for easy and quick 3D modelling to help the trainees develop different and unique results when it comes to their final render results.

The second Unreal Engine course have started!

Human Resources Development in cooperation with the Creative Center Ruse started the second Unreal Engine training course at the beginning of this month.

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