Creative Center Ruse continues with the final course under CODE project

Despite the summer heat and the holiday season, the team of Creative Center Ruse continues successfully with the online course on the basics and types of 3D modeling in game design and the presentation of games using graphic design, which is held within the framework of the CODE project/Competent opportunities for digital employment/.

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The CODE training program in Greece has been concluded!

On 27/7/22 and 03/08/22 the last two online training sessions took place in Greece. Within the frame of "3D design application" session, the Greek participants were informed about the professional possibilities that may be created for them by learning how to draw in a three-dimensional environment and how to create animation in it. The would - be graphic and 3D designers from Greek learned during the session about the numerous professional prospects and applications of three-dimensional design in various ways not only in digital form but also in real space through printers for three-dimensional models (3d printers). The participants were also informed about these perspectives and the requirements of each individual application of three-dimensional design, even in professional disciplines that they could not think of e.g. in medicine!

During the "3D gaming" training session, the participants learned about the three-dimensional design as far as video games are concerned. A brief account was made of the history of three-dimensional design in video games and how three-dimensional design developed and improved over the years. In addition, the particularities of designing three-dimensional models for a video game were also clarified. Finally, the participants from Greece saw the need to coexist the three-dimensional design with the graphic design and related examples as well as the impact it will have on the result of the design and consequently on the player of the game himself!

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