First Member States pledge around €270 million to implement ALMA initiative

The first Member States have expressed their commitment to implement the Commission's new initiative ALMA (‘Aim, Learn, Master, Achieve') to support disadvantaged young people on their way into the job market or further education.

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The 3D animation part of the CODE training program in Greece has started!

During the first lessons of three-dimensional design within the frame the "Introduction to Graphic Design, and Three - Dimensional Design (3D animation)" training program of the CODE project, the participants were taught about the concept of 3D design; they were informed on the history of three-dimensional design and its contribution to animation. They also learned about several terms such as those of the frame, the scene and the shot. They saw the contribution of graphic design but mainly the necessity of having visual communication through three-dimensional models and the audience to which these models might be addressed to!

HRDA started final training course under CODE project

On 6 July Human Resources Development started the final online training course organized under CODE project that will be focused on the basics and types of 3D modeling in GAME DESIGN and presentation of games with the help of graphic design. The innovative course will combine the subjects from both training programs in 3d animation and graphic design developed under CODE project.

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Upskilling in graphic design progresses well in Greece!

Within the frame of the "Introduction to Graphic Design and Three - Dimensional Design (3D animation)" course of the CODE project, the participants were taught some of the basic parameters for the preparation of the design of a project but also about the tools that will be needed for the implementation of the required design, and especially the Photoshop program.

To be more precise, students learned about the required stages for the implementation of a project from the initial idea stage, the design parameters, the drafts, to the final design and the possible changes and the project's other versions according to the customer's desires!
Respectively, they were informed about the computer programs that graphic designers usually use, with more emphasis on Photoshop's interface and funcionalities!

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