Italian Ministry of Education selects 120 professors, experts in digitalization

Specifically, these teachers, who will be a reference point for schools throughout the territory, can be entrusted with the tasks of:

a) support and support for schools in developing and spreading solutions for the creation of digital environments with innovative and sustainable methodologies;
b) promotion and support for the experimentation of new organizational models, aimed at realizing methodological-didactic innovation, and at the development of digital teaching projects, digital citizenship, digital economy, media education;
c) promotion, support and support for the design and implementation of laboratory training courses for teachers on didactic and digital innovation in local educational institutions;
d) documentation of the experiments underway in educational institutions, in the field of innovative teaching methods.

Teachers who will become part of the territorial teams will have the right to be exempted from teaching for two school years, so - says Education Minister Bussetti -in fact, they will be able to dedicate themselves full-time to this activity, forming a real task force that will help to relaunch and carry out actions on the digital theme. We will focus in particular on the training, which is fundamental, of the teachers and on the design of activities for the enhancement of students' skills. For the replacement of personnel, an annual substitute will be provided to be conferred for the duration of the exemption.

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