Stencil workshop - Tartu Art School - 17 Oct ‘19

Everyone is familiar with stencil technique whether it’s consciously on unconsciously, because it’s a widespread technique used in street art. Hence we are surrounded by it everywhere.

Stencil workshop was available for everybody regardless of their previous experience. The workshop gave an overview of stencil technique and what tools to use. Participants themselves prepared stencils on their own as well.

Stencil technique will be taught in Tartu Art School during the new digital design course which starts in January as an outcome of project CODE. The workshop gave a good glimpse of what will the participants learn when the course commences.

The project “CODE – Competence Opportunities for Digital Employment” benefits from 2 314 015 euro grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway grants Fund for Youth employment. The main purpose of the Project is to provide opportunities for quality employment to vulnerable young people in poverty risk.

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