The beginning of the new school year at Tartu Art School, Estonia

Brief summary of activities for the 2018/2019 academic year:

Attending the Public launch event and a press conference in Italy; assembling a project team for preparation activities (curriculum development, classroom techniques and set-up), Partner study and collaboration workshop with project lead partner Human Resources Development Agency in Ruse, Bulgaria, spring-summer- prepared a training curriculum and shared with partners according to their target groups.

During the autumn of this academic year/ October 22 – 23/, a curriculum meeting with the partners selected teachers will be held in Tartu. The1st pilot target group will be created, the setting up of the study rooms is ongoing. In the spring the will start first pilot course(May-June 6 months), a Teachers training will take place in Tartu (teachers from all project partners involved).

Vladimir Brovin, a teacher at Tartu last school year, developed a website, which gives an overview of stencils (how they have been used over time) and a tutorial on how to do it yourself. You could read more here:

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