More Resources for Youth Employment Procedure in Bulgaria. Due to increased interest, the duration of the operation is extended

It is expected that at least 19 375 unemployed persons up to 29-years old will pass through the operation. By the end of the first quarter of 2019, 11 851 contracts with employers have been concluded under the project. 18 694 unemployed persons up to 29 years of age are included in the employment, so far 9 823 of them have been employed on permanent employment contracts. In the first quarter of 2019 alone, 718 applications were submitted by employers to create 1 726 job openings for young people. The value of contracts concluded with employers so far amounts to BGN 76.5 million. After the inclusion of young people in the operation, approximately 51% of them remain employed by the same employer, while the other 24% reorient themselves and with the experience gained, start work at another employer. 89% of young people are satisfied with their involvement in on-the-job training or internships.

The operation is also beneficial for employers, as it helps them increase productivity by better distributing activities and processes to grow their business.

The total budget for Operation “Training and Employment” is increased by BGN 50 million. Thus, the total budget becomes BGN 201 million. The operation is expected to have 8,510 inactive and unemployed persons with permanent disabilities over 29 years of age to start working. To date, employers have submitted 3 156 applications for the creation of 10 698 job openings for people with disabilities.

Operation “Ready to Work” is extended to 2023, and funding from the European Social Fund is increased by BGN 5 million. Thus, the total budget under the procedure is BGN 15 million. Activation activities for inactive youth up to 29 years of age will focus on smaller settlements where their percentage is relatively high compared to the average in the European Union. The operation is expected to involve 17,500 inactive participants between the ages of 15 and 29 who neither work nor study. About 5,250 inactive participants will be qualified or will have a job, incl. as self-employed persons. So far, a total of 10 858 inactive youth aged 15-29 have been activated under the procedure.

The "Work" Procedure is extended by one year until 2020, with an expectation of 7,850 unemployed and inactive people having acquired qualifications or having a job at the end of the project.

"We will soon be talking about marginalizing entire labor market groups due to a lack of digital skills. Digital skills have always been part of the policies we support in the Ministry of labour and social policy through the European Social Fund. Therefore, the priority axis 1 "Improving access to employment and quality in the workplace" resources will be directed to improving the skills of the workforce that is most in need of support," commented Deputy Minister Zornitsa Rusinova.

The European Commission expressed satisfaction with the participation of people with lower education and qualifications in OP “Human resources Development” operations. “Labor market implementation difficulties are still experienced by people with low education or poorly developed professional skills. Therefore, they should be at the forefront," commented Stanislav Rangelov of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.

Source:, 24 July 2019

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