​Week of Good Deeds 2019 October 7 - 13

If you do not already know what a Week of Good Deeds is, it is the week when the whole community is called upon to do big or small jobs. Work that does not need a financial contribution, just your free time and work. Work that is self-initiated, planned and executed.

What can you do?

- go to an animal shelter;

- visiting single pensioners, helping with garden work, bringing in purchases from the store or talking to a cup of tea;

- clean up the local area;

- share heart warmth and talk, drink tea together, play table games with someone who is lonely in their daily lives;

- do any work for which you will receive a sincere "Thank you" and it will bring thanks and joy for the work you have done!

To make your good deeds more visible, be sure to tell us about them by posting a description and photos: www.labodarbunedela.palidzesim.lv, and inspire others by sharing them on social networks!

#labodarbunedela @ palidzesim.lv

more information: www.palidzesim.lv; info@palidzesim.lv

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