The CODE 3D animation training program in Greece has been concluded!

We are happy to announce that the 3D animation training program, organized by APOPSI S.A. has been successfully completed in Greece. On 28/05/2021 the final online session of the program toom place.

During the training sessions, that started on 08/02/2021, the Greek students worked on several 3D animation exercises and at the end they presented their final project on the subject of the Greek liberation war Bicentennial (1821 – 2021).

In their final assignments the students used a variety of techniques that were taught during the course of the seminar. With steady work and on-going guidance, the results of the workshops were very satisfactory.

Throughout the seminar, opportunities were given to the selected participants to learn about designing in 3D environment and to develop their skills through exercises and workshops under the on-going guidance of the instructor. During the courses, students learnt about the history of 3D design and animation, several 3D model creation techniques and were informed about the professional opportunities of the field.

Below some indicative examples of the trainees' final 3D animation projects are presented:

Project of Mr. Nikolaos Tsourapis

 Project of Ms Maria Giannakou

Project of Mr. Sotiris Nastasis

Project of Mr. Konstantinos Ristas

Project of Mr. Ioannis Vichos 

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