Partner study and collaboration workshop and Teachers training in Tartu Art School, Estonia

During the first day Mr Boyan Strahilov from Solutions Brief Therapy and Counselling Centre Rousse presented to participants in both events the main CODE motivation tools: CODE motivation platform www.self – and the self motivational diary “My steps to success”. According to him, the students should start their training by asking themselves good questions, that is why they should use the printed or electronic version of the motivational diary. This would stimulate their thinking and involvement in the learning process during CODE courses. He demonstrated in front of the participants the motivational platform functionalities and discussed with them on learning constellation and scaling the progress of the students.

The Partner study continued the idea of the Curriculum meeting in Estonia for building a common platform for CODE teachers which will facilitate their joint work on the training programme and the transfer of learning methods and approaches. Partners discussed on the project progress and different project issues. Project indicators and target groups were specified, the criteria for selection of trainees in the CODE courses were defined. Partners scheduled their next partner studies and workshops, each organization presented its intentions for the start of both courses.

During the visit to TAS CODE graphic design class teachers and students shared their impressions and experience achieved for these 3 months, showed their working classrooms and some of their arts.

The main focus of Tiimiakatemia training was on team learning and team coaching.

Tiimiakatemia Method aims to empower people to become motivated and skilled

life-long learners, to empower people to become leaders, to create jobs and entrepreneurship, advance sustainability. Students from Tartu Art School CODE graphic design course attended one of the sessions of the teachers training and participated actively in the training by exchange of ideas and sharing opinion and experience. At the end of the event teachers from each partner presented their own vision about the practical implementation of their courses, applying the good practices and approaches they achieved during the teachers training.

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