The students consider their future @ Tartu Art School

Some changes have arrived and the group is getting busier with their own personal projects. This week there was a new teacher who talked with the students about how to reach potential customers. Every person presented to others their ideas and the teacher advised what and how could they change the artworks.

Though attention was given more to different ways how to use the online social media and the internet in general in order to popularise their products. The modern marketing landscape has changed a lot in the recent years and new factors shape it a lot. The social networks have had a important impact, so artists need to learn how to use them for selling their artworks.

Students had to design their logos or images that they would use for printing on T-shirts, therefore, after the presentations, they went to use the new computers that were purchased by using the project funds.

On Wednesday people met with a career consultant. It was necessary to discuss what challenges students are going to face once the program will be finished and when they are going to look for work. The group tried to understand what are the personality traits they wish to improve and which skills they already have. Most of this was achieved by having discussions and playing games.

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