Students learn about stop-motion @ Tartu Art School

This week for the group was shorter than usual because on Monday people celebrated the Independence Day of Estonia. Nonetheless, students keep improving their skills and now was the time to start making films by using a stop-motion approach. Actually, previously people were asked to decide what would they like to learn and since the stop-motion technique was mentioned, teachers agreed to show students, so, they could themselves get to know this art form.

Clay animation is widely used and a good way for introducing stop-motion to people. It has been used in music videos and family films for years. Moreover, the material has great properties and it is easy to change its form, therefore, making the whole work simpler.

In practice though, it is required to take a lot of photos to create a film, so, additional preparation, like background and the angle of light, was needed to create a proper workspace for shooting the movie.

On the next day the group learned how to make posters by using different fonts. Changing a size of a font in order to create a picture is entirely a separate art form. Since computers are being used by many people, such posters appear in many places and software allows to take any idea and put it on a paper quite easily.

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