The NEET group improves its video editing skills @ Tartu Art School

Students started to learn more about video editing by using Adobe After Effects programme, but the whole process is not something entirely new because the group was tasked with taking the logo that they created in the previous weeks and it was about time to animate it. After Effects provides a lot of options to edit a video, so, students had to learn the basics, although some of them already had some experience with this software, therefore, they were able to add advanced video effects.

On Tuesday there was a second lesson to learn Adobe After Effects. Instead of using their own logos, people selected specific videos from the internet and tried to apply different effects and see how they change. It showed how many ways there are to edit and make professional videos, but it did not just stop there, particularly, some of the techniques were invented many decades ago and appeared in older cartoons, thereby, it was interesting for many students to understand how even old approach is still popular now.

Later the group participated in a meeting with the school counsellor to discuss their emotions and get to know each other by doing some team building exercises. They had to learn how to present themselves in front of other people while talking about their plans to develop personal portfolio.

A different matter, some of the postcards that the group created at TYPA were selected and chosen for sale, thus showing other students that it is possible to make money by selling artworks.

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