Students visit gallery and learn about shadows in art @ Tartu Art School

By the end of the last week students started the lesson by using the new computers to improve their skills in Adobe programmes. Since they were made available to people just recently, it is going to take some time to finish learning all of the software, but students are eager to progress.

Later together with teachers they went to a nearby art gallery. The group was able to chat with the manager and other workers who explained the latest projects they are working on. Although the gallery is relatively small, it has lots of paintings and other artworks that are about Tartu. The provided information was quite valuable since it gives a different point of view about how many sights in the city could be used for art.

On Monday students met again to start the new week by learning about how to draw shadows properly depending on a place where the light shines from. It took additional effort from teachers to set up the example for students to see because it required a special lamp because normally during the daylight it would be more difficult. Meanwhile, a technique of the shadow drawing was introduced by showing how to draw them by applying enough pressure on a pencil.

In the following day students started to give presentations on their ideas about games they need to develop. It is one of the long-term tasks the group has to take because usually the exercises are finished on the same day but teachers also assigned each person to create a game that involves a Tartu-related topic. The ideas for this challenge are quite vast and people try to be creative about this.

Later the group did an exercise that was similar to the previous one, but now they needed to draw shadows of a cilynder instead of a cube. Since it is more difficult because of the shape, a teacher helped to explain in detail how the shadows should be drawn properly.

On Wednesday students were improving their Adobe Photoshop where they had to use two different photos in order to create one picture. It involved mostly changing the backgrounds or taking their own personal photo and editing it.

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