Students decorate walls and learn about stickers in art @ Tartu Art School

A new week has arrived. Instead of sitting in the classroom, now the youth group was tasked with decorating the rooms where the studies and meetings happen. Since the place was converted for the use of the current project just recently and although students have been starting to put their images on the walls, it is still quite empty. Luckily people were eager to begin the decoration process immediately. Teachers allowed them to express ideas and visions however they wanted. Surely, this led to some funny and great moments like just randomly throwing paint at the wall.

Be that as it may, for students it was more about freedom and self-expression and it is something in our society that many people lack but would like to have. Secondly, during this process students cooperated and worked together even doing simple tasks like trying to find the right way how to put a large picture on a wall or which nails to use for it etc. Furthermore, there were available images that had been used previously in other places and students had to agree and choose where to put them with an idea in mind that later on when they arrive to lectures, they could look around themselves and remember that the place they are studying in was decorated by working together, thereby, improving the feeling of belonging to the team.

On the next day people were back to desks to learn new skills. This time it was about getting to know what are some of the ways to use stickers. The process started by assigning each student to draw two sketches, so, they would finialise a more specific outline. Once it was done they started to cut out a more detailed version from sticker sheets that were available in many different colours. The only rule was that a first cutout should consist of two colours while the second one was up to students to decide. They made stickers in forms of different types of food, electric devices, furniture etc. Moreoever, a teacher showed also that stickers may look intriguing in the dark because of how they reflect the light.

On the third day the group met with the school counsellor to participate in discussion about what they expect from the project. Students were encouraged to express their opinions on how they feel about the current situation and it was done with a purpose to improve the understanding about how important it is to be aware of self-perception while working in a team.

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