The first weeks for the NEET youth @ Tartu Art School

The training for members of the NEET youth has started. As the beginning of this course was intended to be easy and simple, participants had a chance to meet new people, including teachers and other workers. Moreover, the group visited the main building of Tartu Art School where while given a guided tour around the premises, they familiarised themselves with the new surroundings.

On the next day a second meeting was organised, but this time it was led by a school counselor. He encouraged people to participate in various activities and discuss their well-being in order to get to know each other better. Later together they went hiking to the forest for a few days as a part of team-building exercises.

During the second week members of the NEET youth group attended a lecture and a workshop to learn about the role of composition in art. In particular, students learned about different techniques how artists create pictures in order to attract attention in a preferred way.

Nonetheless, the most of time was dedicated to two practical exercises. Firstly students had to draw two squares on a piece of paper and the group were told to cut pictures from an art magazine and make collages titled ’Noise’ and ’Silence’. Students were free to follow their own inspiration and organise images as they saw fit.

Another exercise was similar, but this time the group had to imagine a feeling and once the collage was finished other students had to guess which emotion was expressed in it.

One day later a new teacher arrived and he talked about an interesting method of art, namely, how to draw lines while feeling the taste of food. For example, in practice students used black ink to paint pictures, while eating apples, bread or chocolate. Although an unordinary approach, it helps people to understand that they may discover a source of inspiration in all sorts of places.

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